Top 5 Design Trends

Timeless and versatile earth tones create cozy, inviting interiors. Bring the style home by mixing warm-tone foundational elements (floors, countertops, and walls) with tactile accents like pampas grass, linen, and rattan.

Whether tending to organic gardens, relaxing to waterfall soundscapes, or frolicking with family and friends, homeowners are soaking up the health benefits of connecting to nature. In 2022, creating your perfect little corner of the world is the ultimate form of self-care.


Toast-Worthy Texture

When a texture is good, it turns heads. When it’s over the top, you walk across a room for it. More than ever, designers are creating tactile moments that invite touch. From bouclé and stacked stone to woven jute and rough-hewn beams, mixing materials with unique textural elements lend depth, dimension, and vitality to interiors. We’ve wrangled up our favorite surfaces to fuel this tactile obsession.

Calling upon forest fauna and rolling hills for inspiration, a sophisticated green palette works its magic on modern and traditional interiors alike. From pale, icy subway tiles to hunter-green cabinetry, tap this lush color story for subtle and sweeping updates.

Challenging times call for nearly indestructible materials. From wood-look plank floors to marble-inspired quartz countertops, expect an elevated collection of low-maintenance styles this year.