Countertop Guide

Popular Countertop Surfaces

Preview popular countertop surfaces, learn product attributes and browse product colors.
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Preview Product Choices

Narrow Product Choices with the Kitchen Visualizer Tool.
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Search Available Slabs

Preview actual slabs available online at your nearest MSI Showroom.
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Search Actual Slabs

Visit your nearest MSI Showroom to select the actual slabs for your project.
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Countertop Edge Options

Use Edge Visualizer tool and Edge Guide for popular edge selections.
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Backsplash Designs

New countertop installations will usually require an updated backsplash. Preview our select collection of wall tile and color coordinated backsplash designs.
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Find an Installer

Learn how to find and hire an installer for your project.
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Professional Tips

Learn professional tips and issues to avoid for a successful installation.
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